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Danaher Case Competition 2023

Saturday, April 29, 2023
Baltimore, MD


Hosted by
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Johns Hopkins Graduate

Consulting Club


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Danaher Corporation

  Johns Hopkins Alumni Association

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How can innovation in acute care diagnostics, leveraging big data sets, be used to generate a business model to achieve a measurable and sustainable impact on individual and local health populations?

Case Details

  1. Begin with a problem definition. What problem/unmet need in acute care could benefit from your proposed solution and business model? This may include sites of care, targeted disease area and populations at risk/ill.

  2. Define the target population(s), inclusive of diverse ethnic and racial representation.

  3. Define the measure of effectiveness and value (e.g., readmission rates and associated costs of a primary intervention).

  4. Define the health care professional (HCP) who might consider using the solution, why would they want to use it, how will it benefit the patient/healthcare system, what are some challenges they may face while using your solution? Include perspective of patient and impact on interaction with health care provider. Consider physicians, nurses, advanced care practitioners, community health workers.

  5. Describe and quantify a potential business model that demonstrates value and drives a sustainable competitive advantage. Elaborate on your pricing strategy, reimbursement strategy, go-to-market strategy, messaging for marketing, and the required investment (resources you need to use your solutions and how much they cost).

  6. The outcome should include a solution to address challenges around regulatory/reimbursement and adoption to include development of clinical evidence required for regulatory acceptance (if needed)

Important Dates
Applications Open
January 23, 2023
Application Deadline
March 17, 2023
Competition Date
April 29, 2023
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The Case
About Danaher

About the Danaher Corporation

A global science and technology innovator committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving the quality of life around the world 

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Life Science


Danaher's Life Science companies help advance scientific research and patient care. Our focus on innovation, reliability, and efficiency has led us to become the partner of choice for clinical, research, and industrial customers around the globe.  

Environmental &

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From innovative consumer packaging to drinking water purification, Danaher’s Environmental and Applied Solutions businesses protect precious resources and keep our global food and water supplies safe. 



Wherever health care happens, Danaher’s Diagnostics businesses safeguard patient health and improve diagnostic confidence with the most advanced tools and software available.



Online Learning.

Application Window

Aug.1st - Oct. 5th

  • Form a team of 4-5 people with diverse expertise

  • Free to apply

  • Submit one application per team

January 23   Application Opens

March 17      Application Closes at 5 pm

March 24      20 Teams will be invited to participate in the 1st

                      Round (Deliverable: 5-min video presentation)

March 27       Case Packet Released

March 30      Danaher Info Session - Virtual

March 31-

April 3           Question Submission Period

April 12         1st Round Video Submission Due

April 17         Top 10 Teams will be invited to the Competition

April 21         Team Registration Due - $100 fee included

April 28         Networking Reception ​at Lebanese Taverna

April 29         Event Day!


  • What does a competitive team look like?
    Successful case competition teams must work together closely and intensely. Teams should be groups of 3-5 people from the same university (graduate students of which there is at least one MBA student) with varied expertise and experiences. The best teams are diverse and have skill sets and experience that can address the case presented. It is important to get to know each other well and utilize strengths to execute tasks related to the challenge. Assigning roles and responsibilities thoughtfully to ensure the team can learn to communicate and collaborate well.
  • What are the expectations from the teams?
    For the preliminary round, 20 teams will be selected to submit a 5-min video of their solution presentation. Of these 20, 10 teams will be invited to the competition on April 29th. Teams will be notified of their selection by email and registration is required immediately afterward. One person per team must confirm participation for the competition by registering, including payment of $100 fee. Selection of teams is blind throughout all phases of the competition and is based on whether the team has a strong understanding of the topic, knows individual strengths and gaps, and demonstrates the passion and commitment to envision an implementable solution. Teams must have a team name, which is how we will identify you. It should not include any references to your school name. You must submit your slide deck to the organizers prior to the competition -- you will receive notification about this via email. The Team Lead is responsible for communication of rules and regulations to the entire team.
  • What does the day of competition look like?
    We are returning to in person after 2 years of a virtual competition. This will be a full day event, starting at 8:30 am ET. After a welcome and introduction, all teams will present their solutions to judges for the initial round. After lunch, the top 5 teams will present again for the pick of the winning 3 teams. We will end with an awards ceremony and networking, at which time you can talk with judges and other participants.
  • What are the expectations for deliverables?
    Your team should research and analyze the healthcare industry landscape as defined in the problem above and generate insights, conclusions, and recommendations for Danaher. The proposed innovation should enable Danaher to create new business models to derive value from providing such healthcare solutions. Twenty teams will be selected to participate in the semi-finals, which will include two parts: 1. A PowerPoint deck that includes any pertinent commentary in the notes section of each slide. 2. A video not to exceed 7 minutes in which your team presents your deck. You can format your video as a narrated PowerPoint or use other technology. Please upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video and provide us with the link. You do not to need to present all your slide deck (e.g., appendix) in your recording; submissions longer than 7 minutes will not be considered. Ten of the 20 teams will be invited to the final competition at Carey Business School in Baltimore, MD, at which all teams will present to the judges' panel. Slide decks are encouraged, as is each person on the team taking part in the presentation. Of the 10 teams, 5 will be chosen to do a final presentation for the judges to compete for the top 3 winners.

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